Hey Y'all, Come on in

You don't know it yet, but you're home. I don't care who you are or where you come from, there is room here for you. You are so very welcome. So before we ever get started here, let me invite you to do one thing. Not for me ... but for you. 

Stop whatever it is you're doing and take a deep breath. 

Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Do it again. 

One more ... just for good measure. 


Hi, I'm Annie. I'm the Annie behind ANNIE MARTIN | YOGA LIFESTYLE. I'm a wife and a mother. I'm a sister and a friend. I am a mess. I feel like I live in the middle of chaos. A year ago I took a step back and discovered that as I was trying to live a life of balance, there is no such thing. So I stopped. I stopped everything. I quit my life in search of a better one. I let it all go. Everything I'd ever learned. It was a hard first step, but I did it. And I didn't do it alone. I drug my family with me. And here we are a year later ... wiping mud off our bare feet. But we're here. We did it and it's only the beginning. 

I threw out everything I knew about yoga and I started over. I threw out everything I knew about health and I started over. I threw out everything I knew about money and I started over. I threw out everything I knew about my family and I started over. And I thew out everything I thought I knew about God and for the first time really asked him to show me who he is. And my life changed in a way I never saw coming. 

So this is where I'm starting with you. A year later. I've learned a lot but I'm no expert. Actually I'm not an expert on anything. I'm just a girl who is on a journey to living healthy and whole. 

I'm a yogi.

I'm a hippie wannabe. 

I'm an essential oils user.

I'm a clean eater. 

I'm a disciple of Jesus. 


I have written and rewritten this first post to you. I know it's important because it's the first time we get to speak and first impressions are important. I went back to an old blog I used to have. I poured over post after post. And then I found this one. If I'm honest, I cried. I sat and cried because of how real and honest it was for me then just two short years ago and I remember how I felt when I wrote it out for the firs time. It was around that time when everything started to shift for me. 

So I decided, there was no better place to start than at the beginning. 

I’m tired. I am constantly pouring myself out to others and feel guilty to even need time for myself. But if I’m totally honest, when I’m tired the time I’m giving to others doesn’t count. Be completely honest with me for a moment. When I’m tired, I am making dinner for my family, but I’m cranky and want the kids out of the kitchen so I can do it myself. Shouldn’t I be inviting them in and teaching them to cook? When I’m tired and having lunch with a friend, all I want to do is unload my problems on her and I have no time to listen. And even if I do, I’m mentally comparing her world to mine and how mine is so much harder. I tend to be less patient with my kids and with my husband. Even though I have time with people, it’s not quality time, just time. And when I’m tired, I’m rushing through life and miss the little opportunities God gives me each day. The opportunities to point others to him. The opportunities to hear him answer a prayer I’ve been praying for weeks.

Sometimes God speaks through the big things, like my computer crashing this summer. Sometimes God speaks in the little things like your kids talking in the backseat.

I think I’ve become so busy in doing the good work, that I’ve missed the real work. What I’m doing, all of it, is good work. But some of it isn’t mine to do. I’m taking up space where someone else is praying for space.

I’m taking a step back … again. I’m taking my eyes back to Jesus. I’m asking Him to show me my good work. I’m finding space to breathe in who He is and what it is that He wants me to do.

So things are changing for me. Pray for me as I keep my heart open to his calling.

But today.

Right now.

This moment.

I’m unrolling my mat.

I’m rooting down.

I’m pushing play on this song.

I’m turning my eyes to Jesus.

And for the next 12 minutes, I will worship.