Lent: Dwell Day 20

Helichrysum, its a pretty expensive oil. It's known as the oil for Pain. It offers hope to the wounded for healing and peace. It can help lead us into transformation. And that is what today is all about. We're going to settle in Leviticus 16-17. Its heavy. Like deep heavy. And can be very difficult to read for those of us living on in a modern society. 

Breathe deeply. Find a comfortable seated position and rub a few drops of Helichrysum on the bottoms of your feet or over your heart. Breathe deeply as you read through Leviticus chapters 16 and 17. Read it. Ask the Lord to speak to you today. Sit uncomfortably in the weight of this passage. Look deep into each aspect of sacrificial atonement and see beyond whats here. Look down the road to the cross of Jesus Christ. Ask God to show you today how the ritual of animal sacrifice set the stage for the death of Jesus on the Cross and what that might mean for you. Sit with this until you're ready to get up. Meditate on it throughout the rest of your day.