Lent: Deliverance Day 8

Today we're moving from our Foundation into the building of a nation, the nation of Israel. And over the next two weeks we're going to dig in and see how God Delivered a people in order to deliver you and me. 

Roman Chamomile is know as the oil of Spiritual Purpose. It's said to encourage us to feel connected and supported by the Divine as we are guided into our purpose here on earth. We're going to need some of that in these next few weeks. So add a few drops to your diffuser, or take a few drops in the palm of your hand and rub together. Cup your hands over your nose and take a few deep inhales as you find a comfortable seated position. Read through Exodus 1:1-2:10. Let the story of God's people move into your heart and feel free to move your body with way it wants to move this morning. For me, this is exciting. We're about to embark on an adventure and I was motivated to flow. So I encourage you, put on some good music. Worship the God of all creation with your heart, your mind and your soul and you move in worship. If you need an example, go check out my little video on Instagram @anniemartinyogalifestyle

As we open the book of Exodus we pick up right where we left off in Genesis. We are immediately introduced to the 12 tribes of Israel and notice the full number of people. 70 persons. And then scripture says, "But the people of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, so that the land was filled with them." Think about that for a moment. God promised Abraham he would make him the father of nations. Abraham believed him, he trusted God fully and completely and we see that through his willingness to give up Isaac, and when he died all he had was Isaac. Sometimes we don't get to see the fulfillment of what we're promised. 

Before we step into the rest of this book, I want to invite you to read these passages as if you're looking for Jesus. Because thats the story God is telling here. That's how he's unfolding these events. He is drawing out a people for himself. A people who will tell the story of God. A people who will point all other peoples to see God and know God. 

As we pick up in vs 8, we see the fulfillment of Genesis 15:13, as the people of Israel, a people in a foreign land, grow and multiply into a nation in their own right, and the Pharaoh of Egypt begins to fear them. So he puts toastmasters over them and gives them heavy burdens, and makes them work as slaves and makes their lives bitter. It's like a picture of the Garden. What God created as good, this group of people who are set apart for the glory of God, because of sin (the broken nature of the human heart to rule) becomes enslaved and their lives are made hard and bitter. 

In vs 15 we see God setting up the context in which to "Draw Out" Moses, the rescuer. We have a ruler who calls for all the baby boys to be killed. Which is to mirror Matthew 2:13-23 when Jesus, the rescuer, was saved and hidden as a child from a ruler who calls for all the baby boys to be killed. Both rulers act out of fear. Both babies were, by the will of God, hidden and cared for until their time of rescuing was fulfilled. God is again, painting a picture for the nations to see. So when Jesus comes, we'll understand his story. We'll see him. 

Chapter 2:1-10 tells the story of Moses's birth, rescue and naming. Lets break down his name for just a moment. Moses it sounds like the Hebrew word Mashah which means drawn out. But its also the Egyptian word for son. This picture of God drawing out Israel as a son, also shows Jesus, the rescuer being drawn out as a son. The only son. The long awaited son. 

Friends, God wants you to know him. He wants you to understand that He is not a God who created and walked away. He is alive and active in our lives every day. He's guiding and directing. He's all around us and we can see and know him if we just take the time to notice.