Lent: Word Day 30

Rosemary is known as the oil of knowledge & transition. It is said to aide individuals to dig deep past what we understand to see further reaching divine purpose for the circumstances we are walking through. Take a few drops in your diffuser and breathe deeply as you read through Luke 1:26-56. Read through the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, and try to imagine what it must have felt like for a young innocent girl to hear from her God. Feel her innocence and her strength all flowing from her faith. As you begin to move, move with grace and listen to your body. Where does it want to take you today? Ask God to reveal to you the deep connection of your current circumstances to his great story. 

Mary, a young girl from a poor family in a poor village ... girl of no importance to anyone, except the God of all creation. Just like God chose David, the youngest of all his brother, a shepherd. Both bold, because of their faith, searching and relenting to the will of God, they became great. 

God uses those who are willing to be used. Not because of who they are, but because they know God can do anything. What does God want to use you for today? What is holding you back from following fully and completely? What do you need to surrender?