Lent: Prophecy Day 23

Melissa is the oil of Light. It is a very precious oil that is said to awaken the soul to the truth and light reminding us why we came to this earth. Take one drop in the palm of your hand and breathe deeply. Massage any remaining oil into the bottom of your feet. Read Isaiah 9:1-7. Read it again and settle into your space today. I want you to move with intention and surrender, so whatever that looks like for your body, take it. Meditation, savasana, gentle flow, power flow ... whatever you need, however your body, mind and soul unites in worship to the Prince of Peace, take it and let it be your worship today. 

The central theme of the book of Isaiah is that God is the Holy One high and lifted up, but also dwells among his people directing their steps. His wrath is fierce yet his salvation is endless. He both blesses and punishes for your good and his glory. Isaiah was a prophet who was sent to speak truth to a nation who would never listen, never turn and never repent. And through him, God spoke of the coming Wounded Victor, he spoke truth and light. And he gave the Israelites a clear picture of what Messiah would look like. 

Chapter 9:1-7 speaks to those who were under the discipline of God will see the redemption of God through the ministry of Jesus Christ. Messiah is coming and he will be a freedom fighter! He will break the chains of the oppressors, by the power of God. He will be a Wonderful Counselor, a ruler whose wisdom is beyond merely humans capabilities; Mighty God; Everlasting Father, a benevolent protector and true king; and Prince of Peace, a ruler who brings peace because all nations will see his justice. And all of this is going to happen according to vs 7 because the zeal of the Lord of host! The final victory is a miracle accomplished with a passionate intensity that only God is capable of. 

God is going to finish what he started. (Psalm 138:8, Philippians 1:6, Proverbs 29:21) You can trust that he is faithful and just. This was always his way. This was the plan from the beginning. We'll keep walking through the prophecies this week, but today, lets rest in this. Let us worship.