Lent: Deliverance Day 14

Take a few drops of Cypress oil into your hand, rub together and inhale deeply. Massage any remaining oil onto the bottoms of your feet. Read Exodus 23:24 as many times as you'd like. Meditate on it. Feel the weight of it. Spend some time in prayer and when you're ready, move your body. Start with a gentle warmup. And then move your body in any way that feels good for you today. Just don't sit still. Today we're on the move. 

"So I said to them, β€˜Let any who have gold take it off.’ So they gave it to me, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf.'" Exodus 32:24

From Exodus 13-24 we see God doing some pretty amazing things. And we see the Israelites doing some pretty ridiculous things. God, through his power and might alone frees them from slavery. They did nothing. And when they left, they took with them everything they needed. Then they get out into the desert and when the Egyptians come after them to bring them back, God literally splits a sea in half long enough for everyone to walk through, yet closes on the Egyptian Army and frees them once again. When they're hungry he provides food. When they're thirsty he provides water from a rock. Then they grumble they want meat instead of bread and God gives them quail from the sky. He is providing everything they need. And yet, they still have problems trusting him. 

As we come to this place in history. The people of God are in the desert. All of their needs are being met, yet they still grumble. They still long to return to their days of slavery. They want to go back to Egypt. Moses is up on the mountain with God and the people choose not to wait. They say he's taking to long and ask Aaron to build them a new god. So he does. And when Moses comes down, he's livid. 

What are you doing!?! And Aaron, the brother of Moses who has been by his side the entire time. The one who went before the throne of Pharaoh and saw many signs and wonders, he says, Um ... I don't know I just threw this gold in and out came this cow. ... And we laugh because how ridiculous is that. 

But if we're honest, isn't that you and me today. We've seen the goodness of God. We've watched him over and over provide for us in way that can only be explained by him and then we get tired of waiting when things don't go the way we think they should. And we turn from God and make gods for ourselves. The god of money, the god of land, the god of fame ... we seek approval from anyone and anything other than god and we essentially turn our backs on the only one who is currently providing for us. 

Meditate on that today. What are you making an idol of? Where is your drishti?