Lent: Deliverance Day 13

We've made it to our halfway point in the book of Exodus. We've walked a pretty long road together so far. We've watched the Creator God create all things and call it good. We've watched the fall of mankind in one act of rebellion and God step in and proclaim, I'll fix this. We've watched God call out a man, Abraham and the covenant promise to make him into a great nation. We saw Abraham die clinging to the promise with only one son, who had son who grew into 70 people who grew into a great nation. And we entered into Exodus. Lets recap the journey so far. 

Take a few drops of Cypress oil into your hand, rub together and inhale deeply. Massage any remaining oil onto the bottoms of your feet. Find Exodus 20 and read through the 10 commandments. Read them as many times as you'd like. Meditate on them. What stands out to you? Pray over it. Feel the weight of it. Spend some time in prayer and when you're ready, move your body. Start with a gentle warmup. And then move your body in any way that feels good for you today. Just don't sit still. Today we're on the move. 

Rather than going into great detail today, we're going to keep this rather short. The nation of Israel, after 400+ years of slavery in Egypt and after these great 10 plagues, God releases his people and calls them out into the wilderness. This in itself is a great blessing. Israel has no identity other than the people of God. They have no traditions. They have no history. They came to Egypt as 70 people and grew and grew as God blessed them. They grew into a nation in slavery. So, God draws them out, to draw them in. He takes them out away from anyone else and starts to teach them who they are. He's teaching them a new way of life. And change is never easy.

If you read through the 10 commandments, they can be broken down into the simplest form of. 1. Love God. 2. Love People. (Mark 12: 29-31) The first 4 are about our relationship to God. The last 6 are about a relationship to each other. And combined, they give us a foundation. A place to start.