Lent: Deliverance Day 10

Yesterday we left Moses on the back side of a mountain talking to God. His time had come and God was calling him out to be the deliverer of his people. In chapters 5 & 6. Aaron comes to meet him and together they go back to the people of God and say, "Hey y'all! God is about to move. Just hold on." 

So the brothers go to Pharaoh and say. Hey God wants you to let his people go and Pharaoh replies in Exodus 5:2 "Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice and let Israel go?" Oh boy Pharaoh ... now you are about to see. 

What we have in chapters 7-12 are the signs and wonders are in response to that very question. They serve two very important purposes. 1. The Israelites have been enslaved for about 400 years. In that time they had grown from 70 people who knew God and saw his provision on their very lives, to over a million people  who knew his name but now believed his was powerless and distant and unable to do anything to free them. God was showing the Israelites that the God of their fathers was alive & active and worthy of their worship. And God was showing the Egyptians that their gods were powerless. The God of creation was showing his power over all things created. 


Add a few drops of Clary Sage, known as the oil of clarity and vision, to your diffuser. Find a comfortable seated position and read through Exodus 7-11. I know its a lot. But I want you to see the grace God is continually showing Egypt and Israel as he conveys his power. As you read through, take a break between each plague. Think about it and ask yourself these questions, what must it have been like? What would I think if this happened today? What would I do and where would I go for protection? Always feel welcome to rest in your own body, but I suggest movement today. Get a little uncomfortable (never pushing past where your body needs to stop) and add a few heart openers to your practice. Seek to see the God of all creation in grace showing his power over all things created. That includes you. Look for his presence of provision and protection over you today. 

Tomorrow we dig deep into the 10th Plague.