Hey Y'all! 

I'm Annie, wife to Jamie and mama to Brewer and Eva. I'm just a girl who found herself in a world out of control and spent several years trying to find balance only to realize there is no such thing. But there is a flow. There is a rhythm to this crazy life and it moves in seasons. If you can learn to breathe in and out and learn to move to the rhythm of that breath, you can flow. And you can learn to move and breathe with whatever this world throws at you. 

My personal practice is very meditative. Sometimes its a powerful asana where I wrestle with God physically and spiritually. Other times my mat is a place I just sit, or lay flat on my face. I come with my whole self and I worship. I lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. I’m so thankful for a God who refuses to leave me comfortable and continues to grow and stretch me.

I'm a girl who is learning to surrender my need for control for something greater. I'm finding healthier ways of living, mind, body and soul. This journey is nowhere near complete and I would be honored if you'd join me. 

Grace and Peace, 


  • 2012: Level 1: Yoga Fit

  • 2014: 225h Teacher Training: Holy Yoga

  • 2016: 300h Yoga Therapeutics: Holy Yoga

  • 2018: 20h Aerial Yoga Training: Space Yoga Institue of Health and Wellness

  • 2018: 300h Advanced Teacher Training: Space Yoga Institute of Health and Wellness

  • 2018: 40h Leadership Development Training: Holy Yoga

  • 2019: Currently Pursuing 300h Masters Training: Holy Yoga


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